Unconditional Love: Love Yourself So You Can Love Others

For fitness evangelist Angela Davis, the embodiment of unconditional love is crucial to loving others around you. We must be slow to anger and we must try and release the judgment of ourselves, getting to a place where we can initiate love regardless of what we have received in return. No matter the mess-ups, we are all still loved.

Angela grew up in a close-knit home filled with love and family and faith. Over the course of her life she battled her own demons, like all of us, but always focused on maintaining unconditional love for herself, saving her from some of her darkest days. Loving herself helped to propel her into a world-class athlete on the U.S. track-and-field team and to a five-time All-American athlete, holding world rankings in the 100-meter race. Being able to demonstrate her love for herself allowed her to flourish.

During these 21 Days of Motivation and Movement, Angela asks you to exercise unconditional love for yourself. Let go of your judgments, stop picking on yourself and stop holding yourself to a standard and to a degree of perfection that is unrealistic. "Perfection is bondage," she says, "be free in who you are from the top of your head to the soles of your feet." Love yourself unconditionally so that you can love others unconditionally.

In today's workout you are asked to move with unconditional love on your mind. Angela demonstrates SPEED SKATERS with an opposition touch down. As you glide from side to side you can either get high or get wide, based on your level of comfort and ability. You will do this workout for one minute, which begins when the clock starts.
Published 08/08/2016
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