Exchange: Hopelessness vs. Hope—Which Side Are You On?

Throughout our days, we can be bombarded and overwhelmed with so many thoughts, many of which are negative or pessimistic in nature. As we accept these thoughts into our minds we must ask, are they of pure and good intent? If not, we must exchange those thoughts that do not serve us and instead replace them with ideas that exemplify positivity and faith.

In each workout in this 21 Days of Motivation and Movement series, professional athlete and fitness coach Angela Davis asks you to pay attention and exchange your thoughts wisely to create a more positive mindset as you move your body. As a former runner on the U.S. track-and-field team, Angela knows about the power of positive thought. "You don't get on a line in a race and think that you're going to lose, wondering what place you're going to get other than first place," she says. "It's a mindset." Exchanging the negativity for positivity creates a mindset that establishes a strong foundation upon which we can build. "Getting your mind right" is such a large part of the challenge.

Throughout this workout, explore the power of exchanging those thoughts that are not in alignment with your intention and your dreams. Use these messages and workouts to jumpstart a more positive you. The definition of exchange is substituting one thing for the other. Take a look at your contradictions. Which side do you stand on?

The exercise that is paired with the message of exchange is a SIDE PLANK and THREAD THE NEEDLE, asking you for good posture and good form with 30 seconds on each side with movement. As you make your way through this workout, which begins when the clock starts, be conscious and be aware of doubts that invade your thoughts—exchange them with only those thoughts that serve you.
Published 08/08/2016
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