Seasons: Which Season Are You In?

We all experience seasons in our own lives representing cycles of change that happen throughout our journeys. Professional athlete and fitness expert Angela Davis calls on you to identify the current season in your life and check on your preparations. Are you prepared to go through your season?

For you, maybe this season is dark or heavy or filled with drama, or it's light, joyful sunny and bright. Whatever it may be, Angela asks, "Are you equipped? Are you prepared?" If it were cold outside, would you go out without a coat? No, you would be prepared to endure the seasons and those conditions that come along with it. Understanding your season and, thus, its requirements, allows you to start bridging the gap between there and where you want to be.

If times are tough, keep in mind that "You are never given more than you can handle," says Angela.

In this one-minute workout, Angela shows you how to do a BURPEE WALK-UP, with a big jump up and jump down, walking the legs back and then walking the legs forward. Keep your eye on the clock for cues for when to start and stop.

Although this particular workout can get intense and tiring, keep in mind that there are many others who are doing this 21 Days of Motivation and Movement series with you. You are not alone. Keep your eye on the clock for cues to start and stop. The workout will last for one minute.
Published 08/08/2016
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