Resilience: Exercise Your Durability, Stability and Longevity

When fitness evangelist Angela Davis gave birth to her children, her career took a sharp turn. After earning a coveted spot on the U.S. track-and-field team and placing as a semifinalist in the Olympic trials, Angela began training and coaching private clients. But as her family began to grow, Angela, like so many women, decided she wanted to try being a stay-at-home mom.

During this time, Angela experienced postpartum depression. She had to find her purpose again and reclaim joy in her life. One day, her husband came home and said he had just seen a new spin studio that had opened right down the street from their home. After speaking with the owner, he said: "Angela, they want you to come in. They're waiting for you. It's time to go back into the world. The world needs you."

Resilience means, literally, the ability to recover or regain original shape and size. Angela harnessed her calling once again as a professional encourager, helping people to achieve their greatness.

During her 21 Days of Motivation and Movement series, Angela asks you to express durability, stability and longevity–find your resilience. While life may throw things at all of us, she says it is "our ability to recover and regain our original state that is the miracle." The struggle we go through introduces us to our strengths, a challenge for which we must be grateful. Because on the other side of that challenge is where the change lies.

For this workout Angela demonstrates a SQUAT WITH PUNCHES. You can make this workout your own using a jab, a hook or an uppercut—whatever punch you enjoy. Carry out a series of them for one minute and exercise your resilience. When the clock starts, your workout begins.
Published 08/08/2016
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