What the Media Gets Wrong About Confident Women

Through her consulting firm, Talk to Jess LLC, self-esteem expert Jess Weiner advises top brands and organizations on how best to represent women and girls and the issues they face today. At Pearl xChange—a daylong women's empowerment conference founded by Nicole Richie, who also served as host for the event—Jess urged women from all walks of life to take the first steps on the messy path toward self-affirmation and to make peace with the inevitable hurdles along the way.

"What was deceiving for me about the way that media, especially, portrays confidence in women is that it feels like it's all effect and no process," Jess said. "We don't often know the gritty, messy path that it took to get there."

Watch as Jess shares valuable insights on how to enjoy our unique, personal journeys and embrace the endless possibilities.
Published 11/11/2015
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