Best Getaway
The swing I built for my backyard in Los Angeles. I cut the wood, drilled the holes, measured the rope, and decorated it with flowers all by myself. I like to think of it as my dreaming swing. It's the place where I can go and be childlike for a bit.

Best Song to Sing in the Shower
If I'm feeling sassy, I go with old-school Whitney Houston, like "Greatest Love of All" or "Saving All My Love for You." If I'm in a party mood, I turn to "I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)" or "How Will I Know." Whitney is hard to sing, so it's best to tackle her privately.

Best Comfort Food
Korean-style ramyun with a strong bone-and-beef broth and a cracked egg. My mom is Korean and Japanese, and she cooked that for breakfast every morning when I was growing up in Nebraska. It blows my mind that now I can go to a restaurant in America and see people lined up to order it. There definitely weren't any ramyun spots when I lived in the Midwest!

Best Reason to Stay Up All Night
Being in New York City. It's a place where an evening out means one thing will just lead to another—next thing you know, the sun is coming up! The last time I was there, I saw friends perform in Hamilton in Manhattan, then went to hear another friend spin records in Brooklyn, then went back to Manhattan to go dancing.

Best Nickname
Squirrel. It started because it rhymes with my name—and it stuck because I'm known for being pretty silly with my close circle.

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