Best Companions
My two Boston terriers. I've had them since they were just a couple of months old. Bruno is now 14, and Lucius, who I named after a character in Gladiator, is 13. I try to bring them with me whenever I'm working on set. When I take their little travel carriers out from the closet, they run in circles and jump right in.

Best Song to Sing in the Car
"Part of Your World" from The Little Mermaid. In movies, there's always a scene where a character talks or sings about her dreams, and that's when I go, "Oh, it's the ‘Part of Your World' moment!" I fantasize about belting out that song in a film one day; being a Disney singer has always been one of my dreams.

Best Binge
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Or New York! I've watched both shows for a while, but I recently introduced them to my fiancé, and he's hooked, too. I'm totally outing him as a fan right now, and I don't care.

Best Comfort Food
Truffle French fries. I can't eat most of the comfort foods people enjoy because I'm vegan and gluten-free. But truffle fries are both of those things, so I can have as many as I want!

Best Stress Reliever
If I'm being healthy, some chamomile tea. If I'm being honest, Malbec.

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