Best Comfort Food
My mother's gumbo. She makes it for special occasions like Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and, as of recently, birthdays. It's her way of getting me and my four brothers together all at once

Best Splurge
A blue Tesla. Then an old lady rammed into it, and now I've been carless for nine months. This is why I shouldn't buy expensive cars.

Best Song to Start a Party
"Back That Thang Up" by Juvenile. I have two friends, Megan and Jerome, who dance-battle to it no matter what. When everyone's had several drinks, I play that song just to get them going. Megan always says "I'm too old for this!" but backs it up anyway.

Best Crush
Frank Ocean and Rihanna. Ideally, we'd be together in a three-person couple, or a "throuple."

Best Little-Known Fact
I'm fluent in French. I was walking in New York City one time, minding my own business, when I heard these obnoxious French guys behind me—and I realized they were talking about my butt and the way I walk! The instigator in me turned around and told them, in French, "Everybody speaks every language here, so be careful what you say." Then I strutted away.

Best Pep Talk
"There's nobody out there like you, so do you."


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