good behavior

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A con artist—Michelle Dockery, a far cry here from her Lady Mary of Downton Abbey—overhears a man hiring someone to kill his wife. Determined to thwart the murder, she becomes entangled with the hit man. Behold the fast-paced sexiness that unfolds when the show premieres this summer.

the fall

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The Fall (Netflix)

Gillian Anderson plays an investigator called to Belfast to help solve a murder. As she doggedly pursues her perp, who turns out to be a serial killer, she demands respect from her male colleagues (and gets it, too).

the humans

Des Willie/AMC/Channel 4/Courtesy of Everett Collection

Humans (AMC)

A sleek science fiction drama in which "synths"—eerily lifelike robots that function as servants and companions—steadily enter daily life, the series envisions a scenario where the divide between us and them becomes unnervingly blurred.
the americans

Photo: Craig Blankenhorn/FX/Courtesy of Everett Collection

Perhaps you've heard this show described as a drama about two undercover Russian operatives during the Cold War. Make no mistake: It is, at its heart, a stirring analysis of marriage's many joys and sorrows—starring a real-life couple, no less.

marvel agent carter

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A breezily fun glimpse into a young, single woman's life in the late 1940s—that is, a woman who's a secret agent in a world of superheroes, uncovering nefarious plots and shadowy organizations episode by agonizingly cliff-hanging episode.

crazy ex-girlfriend

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This series—a musical comedy about a woman so obsessed with her ex that she follows him across the country—really shouldn't work. Yet it oozes goofy charm and refreshing energy, turning an absurd premise into a sincere, affecting delight.