Most people don’t know that... I'm very shy. I'm like a small, fragile plant. But I also have an explosive will to live and thrive and be seen, so I actively push through my timidness. Almost every time I get ready for a party, I have a moment when I ask myself, "What if this environment doesn’t accept me?" Then a stronger part of me kicks in and says, "I'll show them exactly why they should!"

My favorite way to spend a Saturday morning is... sitting by an open window, chatting on the phone with my best friend, wearing a lovely bathrobe and drinking coffee from a small white and blue teacup I bought in Brooklyn. I have other cups, but that's the one I'm hot for right now.

My least favorite words are... bromance and amazeballs. It's rare to hear someone say "amazeballs" and then find out that person is cool.

My most prized possession is... my bichon frise, Reggie. He's also my friend! I got him when I was young. I was having an awful day, so I went to a pet store to hold a dog and cheer up. They told me Reggie was on sale because no one wanted him—and since I'd felt completely unwanted earlier that day, I just had to have him. Now he's 11 years old and has only seven teeth. He's an intimate soul who loves to be loved.

If I weren't an actor, I would've ended up... a witch.


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