Best Comfort Food
I always thought I'd outgrow pizza someday, but it's still my favorite. There's a restaurant here in Los Angeles called Masa whose deep-dish is really trending around my house right now.

Best Surprise
Hugo, who I got seven years ago, was supposed to be just a guard dog, but he's become such a force in my life. He's incredible: I pity the squirrel who thinks he can walk around the backyard after 10 P.M.

Best Pick-Me-Up
Coffee. Sure, it sounds obvious—but I'm Cuban, and in our culture, coffee is no joke.

Best Compliment
Years ago I did a film with Ellen Barkin, and when I met her she said, "You look like you swallowed a 10K light"—which is a really bright light used in making movies. It was such a blunt and beautiful thing to say, I teared up on the spot.

Best Mistake
I love when people spill things in my house—it adds to the place's history. Every time I see that wine stain on my couch, I'll think of the story behind it.

Best Reason to Stay Up Late
I like to pile up episodes of 60 Minutes on my TiVo and have a marathon. They bring to light stuff I'd never have heard about otherwise.

Best Dish
I don't cook. I respect food too much.

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