R.J. Gets the Results of His Driving Exam

Season 1 Episode 113
Aired on 03/18/2017 | CC tv-pg
When R.J. Peete was diagnosed with autism at age 3, doctors rattled off to his parents a long list of things their son would "never" do—including drive. Now, at 19, getting behind the wheel of a car is R.J.'s next big goal, and, like many other "nevers," he's determined to make it happen.

After failing his written driving test multiple times, R.J. returns to the Department of Motor Vehicles with his dad and Mr. Lee, his longtime autism therapist, to try a new test-taking method for those with special needs: He will take the test orally, administered by a DMV proctor. Afterward, R.J. waits nervously for the results with Rodney and Mr. Lee. Finally, the proctor returns.

"You did good on the yes-or-no questions. And then on the signs..." the proctor pauses, "you also did well! You did both, flying colors on both!"

Watch as R.J. and two of his biggest supporters celebrate the long-awaited milestone.

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