Ryan's "Scary As Hell" Prank on Her Brothers

Season 1 Episode 116
Aired on 04/08/2017 | CC tv-pg
The Peete boys haven't seen much of Ryan since she left for her first year of college in New York, all the way on the other end of the country. Little do they know that their sister has plans to come home to California for a weekend to attend a Parkinson's fundraiser for Uncle Matt. So, Ryan and her mom, Holly, cook up an idea for a homecoming prank that R.J., Robinson and Roman won't soon forget.

While the three brothers are playing video games together one evening, Holly casually walks past them and peers out the window into the darkness. Feigning fear, she points to a hooded, masked figure lumbering around the property, and hisses, "Holy s***. Robinson, come here. Come here! What the...? What the f*** is that?"

Find out how Ryan's brothers react to seeing a potential intruder in their yard—and see their overjoyed reaction upon realizing that it's their sister who has come back home.

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