Holly and Rodney Support Another NFL Family with a Child with Autism

Season 1 Episode 115
Aired on 04/01/2017 | CC
Since Holly and Rodney Peete know firsthand how confusing and scary it can be to first hear of a child's autism diagnosis, they make efforts to offer their support to countless parents facing the frightening unknown. One such couple that the Peetes have connected with is Los Angeles Rams defensive end William Hayes and his fiancée, Candace Humphrey.

When the four parents get together for a bowling date, William opens up to Rodney about the first moment he realized something was "wrong" with his son, now 5. "We went from being to the point where he's saying, 'Daddy, Mommy, yes, no,' to, like, just going blank one day and, like, looking up in the sky," William says. "It's hard, man."

Candace shares an emotional story about her son's recent meltdown at an airport, and Holly recognizes the situation all too well. Watch as the Peetes and their friends discuss their experiences, and find out what the Peetes have to say in the way of offering hope and encouragement based on their son R.J.'s incredible strides.

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