Can Holly and Matt Convince Dolores That She Needs a Medical Alert System?

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Holly and Matt are worried about their mother, Dolores. Dolores is in her 80s now, and some recent tumbles she's taken have her children thinking that she needs to get on some kind of medical alert system. When they approach Dolores to talk to her about it, Holly mentions her mom's recent fall on her way to get her nails done before the Academy Awards. "You fell face down and cracked your nose over, bloodied your lip, cracked your tooth on the street," Holly says. "What if that happens out here, and I'm out of town, or I'm not here?"

Despite Holly and Matt's strong stance, the stubbornly independent octogenarian is not having it. "I'll reconsider that in my old age," she tells them. "At 90, you can come back to me."

Tune in Saturday, April 8, at 10/9.

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