Robinson's Debut Performance as Lil' Muva

Season 1 Episode 116
Aired on 04/08/2017 | CC tv-pg
When Matt Robinson told his 14-year-old nephew, Robinson Peete, of his Parkinson's diagnosis, the teen soon went to work planning a fundraiser in support of his uncle. As part of the hip-hop carnival theme, Robinson set up a kissing booth, brought in a popcorn machine and secured two rap groups to perform: Sidizen King and himself.

An aspiring artist, Robinson has written countless raps, but he hasn't actually performed yet as his alter ego, Lil' Muva. His mother, Holly, senses Robinson's nerves over his debut; nevertheless, he takes the stage with determination. Find out what happens when Lil' Muva springs into action. Plus, watch Holly reflect on the triumphs and changes her entire family has experienced over the course of this season.

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