R.J. and Robinson Get a Crash Course in Police Encounters

Season 1 Episode 115
Aired on 04/01/2017 | CC tv-pg
In light of frequent reports of police-related shootings and R.J. having just earned his driving permit, Holly and Rodney fear for their boys' safety when they're out and about in the world. So, after sponsoring a panel discussion about autism and policing, the Peetes ask two panel participants—former officers Stanley Campbell and Hiram Murray—to give 19-year-old R.J. and 14-year-old Robinson a crash course in how to handle themselves if stopped by police.

In an intense simulation, the two former officers pretend to stop R.J. and Robinson based on the fictional idea that the boys match the descriptions of burglars. As R.J. and Robinson are handcuffed, Rodney, as part of the exercise, comes storming out of the house and attempts to escalate the situation by shouting at the officers and questioning his sons.

"Why are you handcuffing my kids?" an agitated Rodney says, confronting the officers. "What did they do? R.J., what did you do? Robinson! Robinson, what happened?"

Watch to see how R.J. and Robinson handled themselves and find out why Stanley and Hiram praised the boys' performance.

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