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They make food "swaps" their norm.
Is there a tipping point for when nutritious alternatives to unhealthy foods become the rule, rather than the occasional option? Newhard thinks so. She began replacing sour cream with low-fat or fat-free plain Greek yogurt years ago, and never looked back. Whether she's grocery shopping for taco night or making a dip for crudités platter, she automatically reaches for yogurt every time, because it's lower in cholesterol, saturated fat and calories yet still tastes tangy, with a thick, creamy texture. Consider choosing one healthy swap—yogurt for sour cream; zucchini for spaghetti; cauliflower for rice—and make it your new go-to. Research shows that once you establish an activity and repeat it enough (the average length of time is 66 days), it becomes a habit you won't think twice about.