The Grammy winner has a knack for sultry, sun-dappled hits and effortless bohemian glamour. This month she debuts her seventh album, 100 Miles from Memphis, a tribute to the soul and R&B classics she listened to growing up.
Best Anthem
Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On" is perfect pop. Like all the greatest songs, it's a marriage of sensuality and social content.

Best Night Out
At 55 South in Nashville, my girlfriends and I ate the best oysters I've ever had. They also serve very good margaritas, which is probably why I can't tell you more about the oysters.

Best Mood Booster
I rode my horse Sally every day in 2006 when I was getting radiation [for breast cancer, now in remission]. Riding always puts me back into my peaceful self.

Best Suprise Gift
When I was on tour years ago, my boyfriend at the time sent me a box of men's briefs and T-shirts to sleep in. There's something so sexy about a girl sleeping in her guy's underwear.

Best Bargain
I like to surf eBay for old cowboy boots. I have 25 or 30 pairs, and I don't like to spend over $30, so that gives you a pretty clear indication of my standards.

Best Sunday Morning
Coffee and The New York Times in bed, with my 3-year-old son, Wyatt, snuggling up as he watches Nick Jr.

Best Eco Quick Fix
It's so simple: doing a lap through the house to turn off the lights and air-conditioning in empty rooms. As my dad always said, "Who are we lighting the room for—the ghosts?"

Best Decision
Adoption has been the greatest thing ever. In part, the choice was based on losing everything: my relationship, my certainty about my health. But when I let go of what I thought my life was supposed to look like, Wyatt found his way in. My little boy is my life a thousand times over.

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