Best Karaoke Song
The key is not to sing something meaningful to you. Nobody wants to see you get up there and be melancholy.

Best Hidden Talent
I learned to juggle in elementary school PE, and on occasion I'll pick up a few tennis balls and show off my skills.

Best Satire
Sinclair Lewis's Babbitt, a look at the woes of the middle class, and Voltaire's Candide, a biting send-up of optimism. And of course the Christopher Guest mockumentary Waiting for Guffman.

Best Street
Southeast Belmont, in Portland, is a mix of quirky old businesses you're glad to see still hanging in there and restaurants and shops you actually want to go to.

Best Childhood Memory
My dad used to take me to the swimming pool a couple nights a week, and I loved the feeling of exercising in the evening—you go to bed with this great sense of contentment and exhaustion.

Best Date Night
My expectations are pretty modest. Good food, good conversation, a bar that's not too crowded, and some kind of tequila drink. Oh, and an evening walk. Although I guess that means I can date only when the weather's nice.

Best Advice
If you buy an item of clothing and you don't wear it within a week, take it back. This is my new rule.

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