Most people don't know that...I grew up with a pet iguana named Willy. We had a very contentious relationship. It turns out that iguanas are not meant to live in suburban homes. Willy was constantly stressed out, he pooped everywhere, he developed eating problems—it was a mess.

If I had one superpower, it'd be...the ability to stop time. Everyone would freeze except me. Mostly, I'd use my power to take naps or go on walks. And it would happen only with a particular flick of a finger—I wouldn't want to stop time whenever I sneezed or something. Can you tell I've been thinking about this since I was 10?

My funniest flaw is...that I don't set limits with my cat, Nino. He climbs onto every surface and onto my head, he scratches anything he wants to, he drinks out of every cup, and I can't—or I won't—stop him. Well, I want to stop him, but he's too cute! I'm not strong enough.

My favorite meal of the day is...breakfast. I have to have coffee and two poached eggs with a vegetable quinoa mélange underneath. The dish takes way too much time, but I wake up early to make it because it's my ritual.


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