Best Hobby
Reading—right now a fantasy series called the Goddess Girls. In this one, a character finds out her father is Zeus. I also love the Judy Moody series and Roald Dahl's books. I would read all day if I could.

Best Outfit
A cute T-shirt, jeans and a purse. I have a few that are in the shape of a dog, my favorite animal. And I like to pull my hair back with a colorful headband.

Best Family Getaway
Going to different cities every summer for my older brother's basketball tournaments. We get to stay in hotels, which is really cool. I also play basketball, and since I've gotten a ton of practice cheering at my brother's games, I'm a cheerleader, too.

Best Moment on the Set of Annie
The last day of shooting, when I had to say bye to Cameron Diaz and the girls in the cast. Everyone was crying. We were so sad our four months were over! I loved experiencing city life in New York. It was so different from shooting Beasts of the Southern Wild.

Best Way to Spend a Saturday
Roller-skating. I prefer to skate all by myself. But it's really the best day if my family goes to the all-you-can-eat seafood buffet afterward.

Best Nickname
Munchkin. It's what my older sister calls me, I guess because I'm pretty little. But I'm growing!


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