Best-kept secret
I have terrible vision. I wear contacts, so nobody realizes I sport Coke bottle glasses at home.

Best wardrobe staple
My hot pink Valentino ballet flats. I don't really splurge on shoes, so I was afraid I wouldn't fit in with stylish New Yorkers when I moved last year from Washington, D.C. But when I put on those fancy flats with jeans and a T-shirt, I feel like I pass the fashion test.

Best childhood memory
My father was in the Army, so we lived in Seoul, South Korea, for two years. When I was 10, I hosted a weekly TV show teaching English to locals. I used my tiny paychecks to buy a Jack Wagner tape and parachute pants. Hey, it was the '80s!

Best Thanksgiving tradition
We have an open-door policy. Anyone can show up: aunts, uncles, my sister's med school classmates. Before dinner we all anonymously write down what we're thankful for, and then we guess who wrote what. One year I surprised everyone with 'I'm thankful to be expecting!'

Best career advice
Never say you're tired. My boss gave me this warning when I asked for a day off after a seven-day workweek. It sounds cruel, but no matter how exhausted I might be, if my job is something I find joy in, I don't want to miss out on an opportunity.

Best way to spend a Saturday
Playing golf; it's both frustrating and exhilarating. My husband taught me how to play when we were dating. Fifteen years later, I'm still not very good.

Best guilty pleasure
Bacon. The love affair began with BLTs. My husband and I are so obsessed that he created a bacon bar at his restaurants, Chef Geoff's and Lia's. Picture it: doughnuts dunked in bacon, bacon martinis...heaven!

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