I'm currently obsessed with...mastering the perfect martini recipe. In the past, I'd always just made it up as I went along.

My favorite movie set moment so far as been...sitting in a bathtub with Meryl Streep while filming Julie & Julia. She was Julia Child, and I played her husband, Paul, and we were reenacting photographs the couple had taken. Of course, we were properly clothed underneath all the bubbles, but we still laughed a lot.

My go-to family recipe is...my mother's chicken soup. We cook lots of complicated Italian dishes, but this one is straightforward and delicious. It's what I make whenever anyone in my house is sick or just needs some comfort.

If I weren't an actor, I would've ended up...in urban planning, because I like creating environments. As actors and directors, we make temporary worlds, but it would be pretty interesting to create a permanent one.

The best piece of advice I've received was..."Go beyond what's comfortable." My college acting teacher would often say that, but I've found it applies to everything in life.


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