The first album I ever bought was...I Think We're Alone Now, by Tommy James & the Shondells, because I was so enamored of that song. I was about 15, and I didn't get an allowance, but my grandmother would drop me some change here and there, so I saved up for months. I still have that record in storage.

My hidden talent is...plucking eyebrows. I do it for everybody—my friends, my housekeeper, my goddaughter. When I was a kid I had a giant unibrow, so I had to figure it out. Now I can pluck like nobody's business.

If you walked into my house you'd be surprised to see...that I have a ton of animals. Five dogs—four English bulldogs and a long-haired Chihuahua—plus birds, fish and turtles. At one point I even had wallabies. It's a zoo.

My backup career would psychologist. I'd love to have a program like Dr. Laura. I studied psychology at the University of Miami, and when I rode the bus home from school, perfect strangers would strike up conversations with me and end up telling me their life stories. I think they could sense that I was studying to help people. That, or I have a face like a priest.

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