Anthony with the Colmer Middle School basketball team

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In Pascagoula, Mississippi, Hurricane Katrina damaged or destroyed 90 percent of the homes. So when former teacher Anthony Herbert got his challenge, he knew exactly where he wanted to give back.

The boys of the Colmer Middle School basketball team were in desperate need of cheering up—and they needed new shoes, too! Anthony decided to help out. But, before giving them the good news, he couldn't resist pulling a little practical joke. "The great thing about this is, the boys think they're in trouble. So, we're going to let the superintendent kind of bluff them a little bit," Anthony says. "They are scared!"

To set the scene, Superintendent Wayne Rodolfich invited the boys—and their parents—to a "disciplinary meeting." With the boys lined up and waiting for possible punishment, Superintendent Rodolfich questioned them about their "horsing around." Thankfully, he didn't keep the charade up for long!

"Actually you're not in trouble," Anthony told them. "Each and every one of you will get your basketball shoes today at no cost to you or your families!"