David and Morgan Hansow

David and Morgan left their home in Colorado and traveled across the globe to spend six months helping Ugandan refuges start up small businesses and get back on their feet.

Maria Cote

After seeing our show on puppy mills, Maria opened her own dog rescue shelter in Washington. She's helped save the lives of more than 100 homeless pups.

Anna Burnett and Renee Hendricks

Laura from Georgia wrote in about her two angels: Renee and Anna, her son's neonatal intensive care nurses. Renee and Anna spent almost a year caring for Laura's son Joseph, who was born four months premature. The grateful mom says Anna and Renee cared for Joseph as if he were their own, and they will forever be her heroes.
The Cookie Group

Connie McCahan and her daughter Katie's cookie swap has grown into a pay it forward movement. Every month, the mother-daughter duo and their friends pick a charity and get to work. From sending care packages to troops to running food drives for the homeless, this group of givers never stops!

Catrina Hurst

Catrina's sister, Kariesha, says she's her inspiration for funding scholarships and providing internships for promising students in need.

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