Alesia, Alferd and Tiffany

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When first grade teacher Alesia Hamilton saw an article about Oprah Show audience member Tiffany Tant asking for ideas, she immediately wrote in about her friend Alferd.

Growing up, Alferd was the oldest of nine brothers and sisters. So, when his father became ill, it was up to him to stay home and take care of his family—leaving his dream of an education behind.

After decades of not being able to read, 68-year-old Alferd decided it was finally time to make up for the education he lost. He reached out to Alesia and asked her for help. At first, Alesia was hesitant, thinking Alferd was too old to go back to school. "I think he knew about five words, he could just barely read his name," Alesia says.

After six months of hard work and determination, Alferd was soaring. He is now reading at a first grade level and is even an honorary student in Alesia's classroom. "He's just grown into this great reader," Alesia says. "Every day he's coming to school with us." Alferd loves reading so much that he walks eight blocks every day to visit the library!

With Tiffany's help, Alesia has a big surprise for Alferd—a huge box of books! "Look at all the books," Alferd says. "Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Thanks to Tiffany and Alesia, Alferd says his mother's prayer that he would go to school has finally been answered.