Nicole, Anikia and their children

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This next act of kindness will make even Nate Berkus proud!

When Nicole Seitz of Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, heard about Anikia, a single mother of five, she knew she had to do something to help.

Anikia and her family were struggling to get by and living in roach-infested government housing. With barely any food or furniture in their home, life had been difficult. Anikia's 2-year-old twins slept on old mattresses on the floor, and her son Montel slept in a drafty room with a broken window. Roaches were constantly crawling all over their kitchen. "I just knew as soon as I heard about this family that this is what I was charged to do," Nicole says.

Determined to make a difference, Nicole got to work. She spent hours on the phone rallying to get furniture, exterminators and repair men to Anikia's apartment. And she came through! Volunteers arrived with beds, dressers, tables, clothes, bed linens and books. They even cleaned the house and fixed the broken window.

To help provide for their future, Nicole set up education funds for all five children. The local children's museum and aquarium even provided one year memberships so the family can spend quality time together. Perhaps the most important present was a gift certificate from Project Literacy so Anikia can get her GED!

"I'm never going to be the same after this," Nicole says. "We're hoping it will change their lives."

Anikia says the positive changes have already begun! "[Nicole] has made me feel like a brand new person," she says.