When Oprah first came to Chicago more than two decades ago, she told her boss that she couldn't do The Oprah Winfrey Show without an audience. Back in those days, the staff rounded up metal folding chairs and filled them with a few dozen people to watch the show.

"I used to go out on State Street, where we were, and offer coffee and doughnuts just to get people in the building," Oprah recalls. "We've come a long way from State Street!"

Since then, more than 1 million people have sat in The Oprah Show's seats. They've hopped on trains, planes and automobiles, traveled across the country and across town, waited out in the cold Chicago weather, and donned their Sunday best to be a part of The Oprah Show's audience.

See what Oprah has to say about her loyal audience of the last 25 years   

Whether they've helped the show make history or given us some of our biggest laughs, our audience members have been with us since the beginning—and have given us some of the most memorable moments season after season.

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