Denise, Danielle, Rashawnda, Deborah and Sylviane

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To make their Oprah Pay It Forward Challenge plan a reality, Sylviane and her three daughters, Denise, Danielle and Deborah, put the pedal to the metal to change the life of a very deserving mom.

Through their local YWCA, the family heard about Rashawnda, a single mother of four in desperate need of a car. For three years, Rashawnda has been taking the bus while attempting to juggle work and the hectic schedules of her children.

With their $4,000 dollars in hand, and an unbelievable deal from a local car dealership, the family was able to purchase Rashawnda a new car! And, since they got such a good price, the family was also able to provide Rashawnda with six months of car insurance.

Watch Rashawnda's emotional reaction.

Rashawnda says she used to ride the bus two hours every day to get to work, but thanks to the kindness of strangers, now she only has to drive 15 minutes!