Nicholas James

As he waits by Wyatt's bedside at the hospital, Jeffery attempts to call Candace to warn her about the impending police search of her house. When he can't reach her, Justin urges Jeffery to confide in him about what Candace may be hiding, so that he can help. Finally, Jeffery breaks down and tells Justin to search her backyard.

"If there are keys found, you need to find them," Jeffery says. "Okay? You understand?"

Justin agrees, reassuring Jeffery and advising him to keep trying to reach Candace. Detective Blake, and the accompanying officers, break in Candace's door and begin their search.
Angela Robinson

Jeffery answers a phone call from his controlling mother who wants to know why he isn't at her house for his forced engagement party. After excusing Melissa from her presence, Veronica stops putting on airs with her son: "Get your ass home right now," she orders.

"Why the hell would I do that?" Jeffery asks his mother.

Veronica, who has been holding Jeffery's involvement in the murder of Quincy over his head, reminds him that if he doesn't do exactly as she says, she'll place a phone call to the DA regarding Quincy's disappearance, and the evidence that can be found in Candace's backyard—where the body is buried in a shallow grave.

What Veronica doesn't know is that the DA was already tipped off by Quita, and investigators were searching the house on a warrant at that very moment. When Veronica hears from her son about the search warrant, she tells him to come home immediately.

"Why the hell would I do that, Mom? You have no more cards to play," Jeffery reminds her.

But Veronica assures him that he's wrong about that: "I have the only card to play, son. You better know now that I may damn well be your only hope."

Jeffery refuses to take her bait, saying that he'd rather "take his chances," before telling his manipulative mother to "go to hell."

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Aaron O'Connell and Gavin Houston

Worried that he may be going to prison for a very long time; that is, if the police find out he played a role in the stabbing death of Quincy, Jeffery pays a visit to his best friend, Wyatt. Wyatt, who has been recovering in the hospital after overdosing on drugs, is fast asleep when Jeffery comes to his bedside. "I was hoping that you would be be awake, because I needed to talk to you," says Jeffery to his sleeping friend. "My mother is making me get engaged to Melissa. Anyway, um, I may be away when you get out of here, but I need you to know that I love you, Wyatt."

Jeffery begins to weep before apologizing, on behalf of his mother, who was responsible for Wyatt's brutal sexual assault while he was behind bars. "I'm so sorry I couldn't protect you," says Jeffery between sobs. "I'm so sorry that my mom let that guy get to you, and do those things to you, in jail."

Just then, Katheryn, who was quietly observing Jeffery from the doorway, demands that Jeffery tell her what Veronica orchestrated.

Surprised by Katheryn's presence, Jeffery tries to leave, but Katheryn isn't going to let that happen.

"You are not going anywhere until you tell me what you said," she demands.

Jeffery complies, albeit against his better judgment. "When he was in jail, my mother arranged for a violent inmate to get in a cell with him, and he raped him."

Katheryn's eyes are lit with a fire and rage that would scare Veronica straight if she could see.

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Tyler Lepley and Brett Davis

Mitch reveals to Benny that Candace was telling the truth about War threatening Benny's life and that Mitch planted drugs in War's car. Benny threatens to kill War, but Mitch explains that he already took care of him using his family's mob connections. Benny regretfully tells his friend and business partner that he's going to lose the tow yard and his home if he can't come up with two million dollars.

"So, what are we gonna' do now?" Mitch asks.

"The hell if I know, man," Benny replies.

"I guess we'll just start all over, right?" Mitch says, hopefully, as the two toast to the future.
Tika Sumpter

Oscar continues his investigation of Erica on David's behalf. He sneaks into Erica's place of business which appears to be abandoned. While he searches the building, Candace catches him off guard, hitting him in the face with a crowbar. Oscar, stunned and bleeding, falls to the floor.

"Where is my money?" Candace screams, as she strikes him repeatedly.
Shari Headley

Katheryn sets up a meeting between DA Jennifer Sallison and Veronica, ostensibly to discuss barring Wyatt from his inheritance—which, if not blocked, Katheryn is sure will cause Wyatt to overdose again, perhaps fatally. When the DA refuses to renege on her decision to give Wyatt access to his inheritance, Katheryn asks her again. Jennifer refuses a second time, so Katheryn turns her attention to Veronica.

"You are here for two reasons," she tells Veronica. "One is that you are the greatest attorney in this country...You fear nothing and no one; You're like a cockroach. You're always lurking and hiding in the dark. But, today, Bitch, I'm going to teach you who to fear and how to fear, because you will fear me forever. I promise."

The DA begins to worry, seeing Katheryn's candid rage surface. Katheryn continues: "And the other reason is so you will willingly witness the fury that runs cold in my veins, because unlike you and Jim, I don't hire people to do my dirty work." After asking Jennifer one last time for Wyatt's inheritance, and Jennifer saying, "No" yet again, Katheryn does the unthinkable. She pulls out a pistol and fires several rounds into the DA's torso, killing her instantly.

Then, turning to Veronica, who is now fearing for her life, Katheryn gives her an option. "Now, it's your job to get me off," she tells her.

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