Tika Sumpter

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When Candace finds out that Mitch planted drugs in War's car, she knows she's in big trouble and that War is going to come after her. Mitch insists that he took care of it, with the help of his formidable familial connections. But Candace knows better.

"Stay out of things when I tell you I have it handled," she tells him.

Mitch insists that War will be locked up for the foreseeable future, considering the amount of drugs he planted on him.

"He doesn't need to be out to get me!" Candace says. "Just stop it. Right here, right now."

After Oscar shows up, Candace orders Mitch to leave. She explains the situation with War to Erica, knowing she'll have to be extra vigilant from now on. For now, Candace wants to follow Oscar, hoping to retrieve her money and pay the mortgage before Benny finds outs.