Peter Parros

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David confronts Benny at the tow yard where the men get into a brawl; one that could have turned out much worse if someone had pulled the trigger on the gun. After the fight, Benny goes inside to cool off while Mitch takes that moment to intervene, telling David he needs to get their telephones working A.S.A.P. if he doesn't want any trouble.

David disregards Mitch's seemingly empty threat until he gets in his car to leave and answers a phone call from an unknown number. Someone named "Mama Rose" begins a cryptic conversation with David: "I know you don't know that kid. Quite handsome, isn't he?"

Confused David asks the caller whom he's referring to.

"Him! The one in front of you," says the stranger.

"Are you watching me?" David asks.

"We're behind you," the voice answers. David looks behind him and sees no one in sight. Soon the voice on the phone fills David in on the purpose of the phone call. "His name is Mitch....Mitch Malone, as in a Malone, as in my Malone, as in my grandson. That's my grandson!" says Mama Rose.

As it turns out Mitch is the grandson of the notorious leader of the local mob. "He wants nothing to do with the business," continues the gangster. "He's trying to walk the straight and narrow. Get their phones back on, and leave them alone!" demands Mama Rose and David carefully complies; not wanting to become an enemy of the powerful Malones.

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