Crystal Fox and Renee Lawless

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Katheryn is overcome with grief after learning of Wyatt's overdose. Hanna does her best to console her old friend, who can't accept that she's lost her last remaining child. Katheryn begins to question her decision to cover up Wyatt's hit-and-run, wondering if she and Jim are responsible for Wyatt's death. Hanna encourages her to rest, but Katheryn feels hopelessly guilty and believes she's suffering now because of her own mistakes.

"I don’t think God took your children to punish you," Hanna tells her. "But I do know that what's sown has a reaping day coming."

Katheryn is grateful that Hanna came to support her despite everything Katheryn's put her and her family through. She asks one final favor of her friend: She wants Hanna to tell Jim about Wyatt's overdose. Hanna refuses, but Katheryn begs her desperately, as she can't bring herself to do it, and there's no one else who can.

"I have no strength, Hanna. I can't," Katheryn says. "You represent compassion, Hanna. Jim knows it. He sees it in your eyes...just like I do."