Brett Davis

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At the tow yard, Warlock watches over Benny, secretly holding a gun to him from his pocket as he awaits Candace's call confirming she has his money. Mitch arrives outside and plants a spare tire filled with drugs in War's car. He knows Candace owes War money and that War is dangerous, so Mitch sets War up, hoping to protect her.

Mitch enters the office and finds Benny with War. Benny is eager to confront David about his interference with the tow yard, and Mitch wants to join him, but War tries to stop them. Mitch questions why War doesn't want Benny to leave and why War himself won't leave. Just then, War receives a message from Candace and abruptly leaves.

As Mitch and Benny prepare to pay David a visit, Mitch puts his plan to take down War in motion.