Gavin Houston and Crystal Fox

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Hanna runs into Jeffery at the hospital, where a series of misfortunes has landed both Wyatt and Veronica. Hanna witnessed the way Veronica derided her own son, causing him to pick up a paring knife and stab her in the chest, and is now worried about Jeffery's emotional well-being.

"Do you pray?" she asks him, but Jeffery admits that he never went to church as a child.

"I'm not talking about church, I'm talking about praying," Hanna answers him. "I'm talking about talking to God, going to him about all things."

Jeffery tells her that he doesn't pray, so Hanna gives him her personal phone number in case he should ever need someone to talk to. She also makes him promise that, despite Veronica being the "hellcat" she is, he will never allow himself to become violent toward her again, because she's still his mother, after all.

Jeffery nods in compliance, but he's worried about one thing. "Hanna, you know I'm gay," he tells her, adding "and, I know you're a Christian. I've gotten a lot of people just condemning my life and judging my life."

Hanna assures Jeffery that she's not offering her help in order to condemn his life. "Hear me and hear me good: I am not the kind of Christian who lives my life pretending that I've got room to judge anybody else's truth," she clarifies. "All I've got to say about any of that is the way your mamma treated you is a shame...and the God I know wouldn't want anybody treated like that."

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