Renee Lawless and Crystal Fox

When Katheryn hears that Jennifer Sallison is standing in the her living room, she's immediately filled with rage and ready to make good on the promise she made to kill Jennifer should anything happen to Wyatt.

"Mrs. Cryer, I understand that you're upset but you really need to hear what I have to say," Jennifer tells Mrs. Cryer, who is white with rage.

"Unless you are here to tell me that my son is back from the dead, then you have nothing to say to me," Katheryn answers her, grievously.

"He is," Jennifer shockingly reveals. "He wasn't dead...he was unconscious for 32 hours. He had OD’ed and his breathing was so shallow and his pulse was so faint that the responding officers who came there thought that he was dead when they arrived."

Katheryn is astounded that this could have happened, but Jennifer assures her that this isn't the first time a mistake like this has been made. While Katheryn continues to harp on the egregious mix-up on the part of the rescue team, Jennifer reminds Katheryn that her son is alive and that she ought to be thankful. Then, Hanna asks the D.A. about Wyatt's condition.

"He's in a medically induced coma, that's all we know," Jennifer tells them before letting Katheryn know that there's a police escort waiting to take her to see her son.

"You take that escort and you drive it up your ass," answers Katheryn, rudely. "I will not see my son lying there in that state. You will bring him back to my home, the way you found him. Before, you pumped 12 million dollars up his nose and in his arm," she commands the D.A.

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Presilah Nunez and Philip Boyd

When Erica spots Oscar at a restaurant, she calls Candace, who implores her not to lose sight of him. Candace is eager to catch up with her former lover after he conned her out of millions of dollars. While Erica waits for Grayson, her latest mark, she promises to do her best to keep an eye on Oscar.

Erica approaches Oscar at the bar and brazenly asks him out in front of his date. He turns her down, but she slips her card into his pocket before returning to her table. After Grayson arrives, Erica calls Candace back, explaining that Oscar is leaving and she won't be able to follow him. Erica hastily develops a plan: Before Oscar leaves, she bribes the valet to plant a tracking device under the seat in Oscar's car.

Later, Erica picks up Candace and fills her in on the plan. The ladies are able to track Oscar through Erica's phone, and they soon discover his car parked outside of Jim Cryer's headquarters.
Nicholas James, Gavin Houston and Tika Sumpter

At Candace's house, Jeffery tells Candace that he told Justin everything: He knows that Jeffery stabbed his mother. Justin explains that there isn't a warrant out for Jeffery's arrest, but Jeffery plans to turn himself in anyway.

While Jeffery and Justin wait to find out more about Veronica's condition, Candace surreptitiously calls Benny for backup. Benny tells her to leave right away, but Veronica knows about Quincy, so Candace wants to wait to find out more.

Candace pulls Jeffery aside to speak with him privately. She demands to know why he brought over a police officer and if he knows about Quincy. He assures her that Justin only knows about Veronica.

"Let me tell you how this works. You get his info—his weaknesses. You don't give up yours!" Candace tells him. "Get his ass out of her now."

Justin comes inside to tell them the news: Veronica is alive and on her way to the hospital. Candace orders Justin to leave, but Jeffery wants him to stay for support. Justin chooses to leave, not wanting Jeffery to mistake him for a friend. Once he's gone, Candace and Jeffery plan their next move anticipating Veronica will make hers against them soon.
Angela Robinson and Peter Parros

David was already at the hospital with Wyatt—whom he discovered to still be alive (though, just barely)—when he hears the familiar tone of his soon-to-be ex-wife Veronica insulting a doctor. David confronts Veronica in her hospital room, asking what happened to land her in the hospital. "Jeffery happened," Veronica tells him. "He stabbed me."

"Bobby Safeman," David says, cryptically, to his wife.

"What the hell does that have to do with anything?" she asks, hotly.

It's clear that Veronica doesn't remember the incident involving Bobby Safeman that David is referring to, so he recounts the story to her.

"Starting when Jeffery was about six years old, that boy Bobby bullied and pushed and harassed him for years, until he was eleven," David tells her. Although Bobby Safeman tormented young Jeffery, Jeffery never let on to his parents that he was struggling with the harassment that he was enduring.

"Even when I asked him, he'd say, 'I'm just fine,' and let it build up inside," David continued. "Then one day they were at little-league practice and Bobby said one thing too many and Jeffery took up a baseball bat and beat that boy into a coma."

Veronica, despite having defended against the lawsuit filed by Bobby's parents, still doesn't remember the incident.

David can't believe that she wouldn't recall such a traumatic moment in her own son’s life, prompting him to get candid with her: "You're just another Bobby Safeman, and you better be glad that Jeffery didn't have a baseball bat."

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Tyler Lepley and Gavin Houston

Benny shows up at Candace's house to manipulate Jeffery in order to get to his father. If Jeffery doesn't convince David to stop interfering with Benny's tow yard business, Benny threatens to tell him that Jeffery is gay. Just then, David calls Jeffery, concerned about what transpired between him and his mother.

"We really need to talk about your rage, son," David says. "There's nothing you can't tell me."

David wants Jeffery to stay away from Veronica, but he senses she has their son cornered. Jeffery changes the subject to Benny, explaining the threat that he's made against him. Benny didn't realize that David already knew his son was gay, but David still agrees to meet with him to settle things once and for all. After Benny leaves, David makes one final appeal for his son to confide in him about his mother, but Jeffery can't bring himself to involve his father further.

"I will do whatever I have to do to prove I love you," says David.

David tells Jeffery the good news about Wyatt being alive, and Jeffery is relieved. He plans to visit Wyatt while he's recovering at the hospital.
Brett Davis

Candace and Erica have a stakeout: They follow Oscar's car in hopes that they'll find clues that will reveal to them for whom he's working. They park just behind his car, on the opposite side of the street. "Is that his car?" asks Candace. Erica confirms that it is.

Oscar is parked in front of Jim Cryer's headquarters, leading Candace to suspect that Jim orchestrated the entire operation that led to Candace being extorted of millions by Oscar.

"But, Jim's in jail, so, who would he be here meeting?" Candace wonders.

Just then, Mitch surprises Candace at the passenger-side window of the car that the ladies are in. "What are y'all ladies doing?" He asks, playfully.

"What the hell? What are you doing around here?" Candace asks.

Mitch acts as though he has no concrete reason for being in that particular part of town, but Candace doesn't believe him. Then Mitch tells Candace and Erica that he's there because David Harrington has been meddling with the phones at the tow yard to teach Benny a lesson after Benny had an affair with Veronica. "Veronica. Really," says Candace—who's just now hearing about the affair—through gritted teeth.

Then, Mitch changes the subject, "Did you hear what happened to War?" he asks. "Boy got popped...yeah, they found a bunch of drugs in his car, two mil in cash," he tells them. "Somebody's looking out for you, kid," he says to Candace.

Candace begins to suspect that Mitch had a hand in getting War thrown in jail. "Mitch, please tell me you didn't do this for me," she pleads with him with a renewed sense of terror. "Mitch, he'll kill me."

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