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After incessant goading from his mother, Jeffery snaps and stabs her in the chest. As Veronica falls back into a chair, her mouth agape, Jeffery stares her down before slowly walking out of the house. Veronica is in shock.

"I can't believe he did this," she rasps.

Katheryn tries to calm her friend, who continues to stammer under her breath in stunned disbelief. Katheryn asks Hanna to call an ambulance but Hanna takes her time, unflustered and unsurprised by the turn of events. Veronica reaches for the knife to pull it out, but Katheryn stops her, concerned that it may cause too much blood loss. When Hanna talks to the dispatcher, she describes the incident as an accident.

"This was no accident," Veronica says. "He tried to kill me!"

Hanna admits that Veronica was stabbed but refuses to tell the dispatcher who did it. Veronica demands the phone, but Hanna won't give it to her. Hanna hangs up but assures Katheryn and Veronica that help is on the way.
Gavin Houston

"I think I killed my mother," says Jeffery when Candace answers his incoming call. "I stabbed her," he adds.

Candace, still trying to process what Jeffery is saying to her, asks Jeffery for more information on what exactly happened. "Did she say she was going to turn us in?" Candace wants to know.

Stumbling over his words out of sheer panic, Jeffery tells Candace that Veronica said nothing about turning them in to the police, but that knowing his mother, he's sure she will.

"Calm down," Candace says to Jeffery. "Where are you?" Jeffery is back at the hotel room he's been living in. When Candace asks him where the stabbing occurred, Jeffery tells her it happened at the Cryer household and that Katheryn and Candace's mom, Hanna, were both present. "My mother?" Candace asks perplexed. "Is she still working there?"

"Maybe she was there because of Wyatt," Jeffery tells her. He then fills Candace in on another sordid tragedy she hadn't yet caught wind of: "He died, Candace," Jeffery says, referring to Wyatt having OD’ed.

Candace tells terror-stricken Jeffery to sit tight until she can get to the hotel and they can figure out what needs to happen next in order to keep Veronica quiet about their crimes. Jeffery insists that instead they figure it out on the phone that instant, because he may not have an hour to spare if he gets arrested before Candace arrives.

"I need you to calm down," Candace tells Jeffery again and gives him instructions as to what the next step will be: "I'm going to have a friend call the hotel and get you a room. I'm going to leave the key under the name Erica Boyd. I'm going to need you to go and get those keys and switch rooms, all right? Just wait there. No one will know you're there."

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David goes to see the D.A. on Jim's behalf. He asks Jennifer to drop the charges against Jim considering everything the Cryers have been through recently, but she refuses. Jennifer starts asking questions about the circumstances surrounding Maggie's death, suspecting that Veronica was somehow involved. David realizes that Jennifer is angry at him for his involvement with Maggie and is only bringing this up out of jealousy and spite. He makes one final plea for her to end the case against Jim, but she won't budge.

Frustrated by her refusal, David turns to another matter: Jim requested that he ID his son's body, but it's still at the hotel, since the police need to rule out foul play. David is baffled by her investigation, but Jennifer thinks the Cryers are capable of anything, considering the lengths they've gone to in the past to cover their tracks. Jennifer drops another bomb: Amanda's case is also being looked at as a homicide, and she believes the Cryers are prime suspects. David asks to ID Wyatt's body at the hotel, but Jennifer declines since it's an active crime scene.

"The least you can let me do is let me confirm that it's Wyatt for his grieving parents," David tells her.

Jennifer finally relents and gives him the address. David immediately leaves for the hotel.
Nicholas James

Jeffery calls Justin at home, in the middle of the night, begging him to come over to his hotel room.

"I really need your help, " Jeffery says, "I don’t know who else to call. Please."

Justin ultimately agrees and climbs out of bed. His wife asks him where he's going so late at night, and he deceptively tells her that there was a homicide.

After Justin arrives at the hotel room, Jeffery has a shocking revelation:

"I think I killed my mother," he says. "I stabbed her in the heart."

Justin is stunned and asks him to explain exactly what happened. First, Jeffery wants reassurance that he's talking to his friend and lover and not to Officer Justin.

"If I wanted you busted, you'd be gone already," Justin tells him.

"She was saying such awful things to me. Before I knew it, the knife was in her chest," Jeffery explains.

Justin radios dispatch to check if there is a warrant out for Jeffery and they're both relieved to learn that there isn't. Jeffery breaks down in tears as he tells Justin that he just lost his best friend. Justin does his best to comfort him.

"It's gonna' be okay. I promise," Justin says, tenderly holding Jeffery's face between his hands.

Jeffery abruptly asks Justin to take him to Candace's house. "I need to show you something."
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When David arrives at the hotel room where Wyatt was discovered and declared dead in order to ID the body, he is met by investigators on the scene. "We're wrapping up here," Detective Blake tells David.

"It's no longer a crime scene?" David asks.

"No—no foul play here," says the detective. "All the druggies cleaned up before they left, though."

Somberly, Detective Blake asks if David is there to ID Wyatt's body and David confirms. The detective then directs David to the hotel bed, where Wyatt's body lies lifeless. David slowly approaches the bed. "Can you turn him over?" he asks.

The investigative team turns Wyatt over so that his face is visible, causing David to recoil when he sees that it is, in fact, Jim and Katheryn's son, Wyatt. David becomes emotional as he processes the untimely death of Wyatt, a young man he cared for and knew well. When David touches Wyatt's body, he discovers that Wyatt may not be deceased.

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Angela Robinison

"I'm dying here," says Veronica to the EMTs who have just arrived at the scene where Jeffery stabbed her in the chest.

"We're going to get you stable and then we'll transport you. Now, how long is this knife?" asks the emergency responder. Veronica answers, estimating the knife is six inches long.

"Less than an inch," Hanna, who has been a bystander to the whole scene, says without sympathy. "It's a paring knife," she adds, virtually rolling her eyes.

"There's not much blood," the female EMT tells the others, indicating that the injury isn't likely to be serious.

The male EMT then gives the room more information than Veronica would have liked. "Nope. It looks like it got the implant," he says.

Veronica tries to do some personal damage control by denying that she has breast implants.

The female EMT plays along with Veronica's obvious lie: "Well, if you did, it may have saved your life." She then asks Veronica if she's able to walk to the vehicle so that they can transport her to the hospital.

"Can I walk? I have a knife in my chest," Veronica responds incredulously. The EMT then pulls the shallowly embedded knife out of Veronica's chest without any pain or complication.

"Now can you walk?" the EMT asks her again. Veronica is escorted to the emergency vehicle by the EMTs, leaving Katheryn and Hanna alone. Hanna begins to laugh at Veronica's overreaction to what ended up being scarcely more than a flesh wound, but Katheryn isn't laughing along. "I'm sorry, Mrs. Cryer, I know I shouldn't be laughing," says Hanna, trying to suppress her laughter.

"My son is still dead, Hanna," Katheryn says to her in a very austere tone before ordering her to go home.

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