Brett Davis and Tika Sumpter

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As Candace is leaving her house, she runs into Mitch, who is anxious to know what trouble she's in after witnessing what happened between her with Warlock at the tow yard. At first, Candace dodges his questions, but when Mitch says he'll tell Benny if she doesn’t confide in him, she finally admits that she owes Warlock money. Mitch offers to help her, but she doesn't want to involve him. Mitch asks Candace if Warlock has been raping her, but she insists that he hasn’t and that she has the situation under control. Mitch finally relents and agrees not to tell Benny or to push the issue further. But once he's alone in his car, Mitch makes a phone call to one of his shady connections and plots to get rid of Warlock for good.