Crystal Fox and Tika Sumpter

Benny takes Hanna to Candace's house to finally confront her about all the lies and schemes. Hanna accuses her daughter of burning down her house to ruin her chance at gaining custody of Quincy Jr. Candace is appalled that her mother could think she's capable of going that far. Hanna can't stand Candace's underhanded dealings any longer and worries that she has put them all in grave danger.

Hanna and Benny demand to know where Candace got the money to buy the tow yard and their house. She refuses to tell them and claims that she only did all this for the family. They finally get Candace to admit that she doesn't have the job at the law firm and that, despite this, she somehow acquired $7 million. Candace steadfastly refuses to tell them how she came into so much money so quickly, but she shows them the deeds to the houses and tow yard to prove that she paid for them and legitimately owns them.

When she pulls up her bank account information online to prove to them that she still has more than $4 million, she discovers that all the money is gone. After Hanna and Benny leave, it dawns on her that Oscar must be behind it. When he loaned her $500,000 to prove her financial solvency to the social worker, he gained access to her account information.

Having overheard the fight with her family, Jeffery asks Candace whether everything is okay. Candace tells him that Oscar took her money, but she won't tell him how she came into so much money in the first place. Jeffery suspects that whoever gave her the money might have arranged to get the money back. Candace suspects Jim and thinks that Oscar has been working for him the whole time.

"He marked me from day one," Candace says.

Panic sets in as Candace realizes that she won't be able to pay her bills. When Oscar calls her, she accuses him of taking her money and demands that he put it back. He won't admit to any involvement, but he agrees to meet with her—and insists that she return the money he loaned her.

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Allyah gives Hanna custody of Quincy Jr.

After the explosive fight at Candace's place, Hanna retreats to the ruins of her burned home. As she gazes forlornly at the wreckage, she receives a call from Allyah—she's been given full custody of Quincy Jr.

Later at the hospital, Hanna arrives to pick up her grandson. Allyah explains that she hasn't told Candace about the decision yet; she wants Hanna to have the opportunity to take the child away without Candace's interference.

Quincy Jr. asks his grandmother whether they're going to her house.

"We're going on an adventure," she tells him.

Allyah is pleased to see Quincy Jr. reunited with his grandmother, trusting that she will provide the best upbringing for the child.

"I know he's in good hands with you," Allyah says.

Before parting ways, Allyah tells Hanna that her agency will need to conduct a site visit to see her living arrangements. Hanna agrees to those terms—failing to disclose that she is now homeless.

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Angela Robinson and Tyler Lepley

The thought of political power and stature is enough to get Veronica to comply with Maggie's proposal that she push her husband, David, to run for governor. Even though Veronica has admitted to cheating on him—even trying to kill him in a house fire—she goes to his office to convince David not to pass this opportunity up. Although he's suspicious of Veronica's motives, David starts to think realistically about entering the race.

After leaving the office, Veronica drives directly to Benny's tow yard to help him determine whether the deed to his house is legitimate. Little does she know that her son, Jeffery, and Wyatt are investigating the tow yard after Jeffery spotted his totaled car there. The boys want to know what business Veronica has at the tow yard where Jeffery's car has been hidden.

Now that Veronica has decided to stand by David as he runs for Governor, she tells Benny that their affair is over. Benny agrees, but before she leaves, he seduces Veronica one final time. Jeffery and Wyatt sneak around the building to spy on Veronica, and they catch Veronica and Benny in the act. Wyatt records the illicit lovers' last hurrah on his phone.
Philip Boyd and Peter Parros

Oscar reports back to the man who hired him to take back Jim Cryer's money from Candace: David. David takes the profile on Candace he requested, and thanks him for a job well done, calling "Oscar" by his true name, Brandon.

Immediately after Brandon leaves, Maggie steps into David's office to ask whether he's finally decided to run for governor. David is still on the fence about entering the race, telling Maggie he still needs to talk to Jim about it. He refuses to turn his back on his friend.

David enters Jim's office to tell him about the money he retrieved from Candace out of loyalty to him. Rather than thanking David, Jim behaves dismissively, gesturing for David to leave his office.
Angela Robinson, Peter Parros and John Schneider

Just before his press conference, Jim orders his mysterious underling to execute his bloodbath, just as Wyatt finally makes a deal with the district attorney. DA Jennifer Sallison agrees to give Wyatt and Jeffery immunity in exchange for testimony and access to the car from the hit-and-run incident.

During the conference, Jim shocks everyone when he announces his intention to continue his campaign for governor despite his his recent, highly publicized scandal.

"I am not a perfect man. I've made a lot of mistakes. But I'm a man who owns my mistakes," Jim declares in his speech.

David tells Maggie that this doesn't change his decision to run for the office himself, and they conspire to separate the ticket. However, as soon as the Cryers and Harringtons step offstage, the DA makes her move and arrests the two power couples for covering up Wyatt's crime.

"Your sons" the DA says, "I gave them immunity, and they gave me you four on a silver platter."

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Tika Sumpter

When Oscar gets to Candace's house, he continues to play dumb until Candace pressures him to admit that he took her money on Jim Cryer's behalf. Oscar eventually tells Candace that he captured her account information when he transferred the loan into her account, taking the money "like candy from a baby."

Candace lunges at Oscar with the knife she was holding behind her back, but Oscar blocks her and knocks her down. The two struggle on the ground after Oscar's counterattacks, but he loses the upper hand when Quincy surprises both of them by pulling him off her.

The violence escalates when Quincy then turns around and attacks Candace himself, eventually attempting to strangle her. Luckily for Candace, Jeffery arrives and pulls him off her, buying her enough time to reach for a weapon. While Quincy turns his fists on Jeffery, Candace stabs him in the back with a kitchen knife. Quincy knocks Candace over and tries to finish her off. In a moment of desperation, Jeffery picks up the knife and stabs Quincy multiple times. Finally, Quincy succumbs to his wounds and falls lifelessly to the floor.