Angela Robinson and Tyler Lepley

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The thought of political power and stature is enough to get Veronica to comply with Maggie's proposal that she push her husband, David, to run for governor. Even though Veronica has admitted to cheating on him—even trying to kill him in a house fire—she goes to his office to convince David not to pass this opportunity up. Although he's suspicious of Veronica's motives, David starts to think realistically about entering the race.

After leaving the office, Veronica drives directly to Benny's tow yard to help him determine whether the deed to his house is legitimate. Little does she know that her son, Jeffery, and Wyatt are investigating the tow yard after Jeffery spotted his totaled car there. The boys want to know what business Veronica has at the tow yard where Jeffery's car has been hidden.

Now that Veronica has decided to stand by David as he runs for Governor, she tells Benny that their affair is over. Benny agrees, but before she leaves, he seduces Veronica one final time. Jeffery and Wyatt sneak around the building to spy on Veronica, and they catch Veronica and Benny in the act. Wyatt records the illicit lovers' last hurrah on his phone.