Will Shaniece's Swimwear Line Be Ready for Summer?

Season 1 Episode 105
Aired on 08/08/2015 | CC tv-14
Shaniece studied merchandise marketing in school and says she always knew she wanted to do something in the fashion field. Inspired by her love of swimsuits, Shaniece decides to launch her own line of swimwear for women. "I really want my line to be a success," she says. "Any recognition that I've had in the past has been attached to my mom, and this will be solely mine, and I'm doing it on my own."

Danika, Shaniece's manager and publicist, sets up a meeting with New York–based designer Annelies De Rouck to get the process started. Shaniece sorts through racks of Annelies' swimsuits and selects her favorite pieces. "I've done some research and looked up other swimsuit lines, and I haven't seen many that are versatile with the shapes and sizes of their actual swimsuits," Shaniece says. "I want options."

Will Shaniece's swimwear be ready for summer? Watch as she pushes Danika and Annelies to move quickly.

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