Did Bow Wow Just Offer Sha Her Big Break?

Season 1 Episode 116
Aired on 06/25/2016 | CC tv-14
Shaniece is more focused than ever on launching her career after learning that her brand manager, Danika, is now out of the picture. Family friend Bow Wow asks Sha to meet him for lunch, and Sha hopes the successful rapper/actor will have some key advice for her as she attempts to break into the industry.

"I am very frustrated that I have not booked a paying job," Sha says, "but I'm just going to manifest it in my mind that I'm going to get one."

When Sha sits down with Bow Wow, she is surprised and grateful when he proposes a potentially lucrative modeling gig for her to be the "face" of his new line of tequila and vodka. Could this be the big break Sha has been waiting for?

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