Evelyn Mentors a Pregnant Teen: "Don't Let Anybody Make You Feel Bad About It"

Season 1 Episode 115
Aired on 06/18/2016 | CC tv-14
Through the non-profit Generation Her, Evelyn mentors Elisa: a pregnant teenage girl who is in the same shoes Evelyn was in 22 years ago when she had Shaniece. Evelyn has strong words of advice and encouragement for her new mentee and vows to support and guide her in the coming months. During their first meeting, Evelyn thinks back to her own experience being pregnant and 17.

"Don't let anybody make you feel bad about it, because I feel like, when I got pregnant, and I found out, I felt like everybody was judging me. I remember walking around my neighborhood—I lived in the Bronx—and just, I felt like people were looking down on me, and [thinking] 'she's not going to be a good mother,'" Evelyn tells her. "Yes, If I could have waited, I would have, but it just happened. So don't let anybody make you feel bad, okay?"

This was an emotional part of Evelyn's life fraught with financial struggles, but Ev rose to the challenge for her daughter. Now, Evelyn is happy to have the opportunity to help Elisa get through it.

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