Evelyn Makes a Final Decision About IVF Treatment

Season 1 Episode 116
Aired on 06/25/2016 | CC tv-14
After some devastating news from a fertility doctor, Evelyn has a moment at her birthday party when she thinks she might be pregnant. Sadly, the next morning, Evelyn takes a test and realizes that she was mistaken. More dashed hopes leave Evelyn contemplating alternative ways to conceive another child with Carl. She heads to her gynecologist, Dr. Ross, with Shaniece and her best friend, Michele, to find out more information about IVF treatment.

"It's important for me to have another child, because when you have a miscarriage, I feel like it leaves a hole in your heart forever. And you just feel like something is missing," Evelyn explains.

Once all her questions are answered and she's had a chance to go over options with Carl, Evelyn finally comes to an ultimate decision.

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