Why the DNA Results Leave Evelyn and Her Family "Confused"

Season 1 Episode 105
Aired on 08/08/2015 | CC tv-14
After decades of wondering who their maternal grandfather might be, Evelyn and her sister read the results of a DNA test that could reveal the answer. Evelyn's mother, Sylvia, has lived her entire life not knowing who her father is...will this be the moment of truth?

As Evelyn's sister starts to read the report, she sees that they've found a match; however, the connection is fairly distant. "As you can see, the degrees of separation rule out a second-generation paternal match," the report reads. "You are related, but not close enough to say [name withheld] is your grandfather."

With emotions running high, Evelyn quickly goes from disappointed to angry. "Honestly, it's really confusing. Because the paper says we're distant cousins," she says. "My grandmother's information is wrong. ... That's why it makes me f****** angry because I think that we had the name wrong. People don't just disappear from the face of the f****** earth."

Watch the above video to see Sylvia's reaction, and find out why Evelyn believes there must be more to her grandmother's story.

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