Why Shaniece Isn't Ready to Settle Down and Have Babies

Season 1 Episode 105
Aired on 08/08/2015 | CC tv-14
While babysitting Evelyn's 1-year-old son, Leo, Shaniece and her boyfriend of three years, Zat Knight, begin discussing the future. Is spending time with Leo making Shaniece "broody," a slang term that describes a woman who's anxious to have children? Not quite.

"I think it's getting to that point where the conversation about marriage and children is coming up more and more," she says. "Zat and I are in different stages in our lives, so I'm not going to put a time on making a commitment."

Ideally, Shaniece says, she'd like to have three children some day, but Zat, the father of a son from a previous relationship, thinks that may be too many.

Watch the above video to find out when Shaniece thinks she'll be ready to settle down and become a mother.

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