Evelyn's Unsolicited Business Advice Angers Shaniece

Season 1 Episode 106
Aired on 08/15/2015 | CC tv-14
After receiving the first two prototypes for her swimwear collection, Shaniece finds fault in the fit and design. Although Shaniece is hoping to promote these swimsuits during the launch of her website, which is just two weeks away, she's starting to realize that it may not be possible.

During a visit with Evelyn and Evelyn's good friend Rob, talk turns from Shaniece's love life to her business venture. When Shaniece shares her concerns about her collection, her mother chimes in with some advice. "If you have a deadline, you have to push people to get to that deadline," Evelyn says. "You need not to be nice. ... You're scared to hurt people's feelings, and that's all great in life, but in business you need to be different."

When Shaniece asks her mother whether she wants to step in and help, Evelyn says no. "I want her to find her way," Evelyn says. "I feel like this is a big deal, and I want her to take charge herself."

Tempers flare when Shaniece tells Evelyn how she really feels. Watch the above video to see their mother-daughter spat unfold.

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