Who Knew Evelyn Was an Expert on These Aquatic Creatures?

Season 1 Episode 112
Aired on 05/28/2016 | CC
Evelyn's new friends Beth and Natalie bring their boys over to play with Leo and to check out Evelyn's fish and turtle pond. It's the offseason for the turtles who are all hibernating in the water, instead of basking in the sun on the rocks like they do in the summer.

It might be hard for the boys to feed the turtles while they're hiding in the water. As Evelyn explains,"Technically they're not supposed to eat…because of the weather, and it's cold; they can't digest the food." The other moms are impressed with Evelyn's encyclopedic knowledge of turtles! "I know, I'm like a turtle expert," laughs Evelyn.

The turtles may not be hungry, but the boys certainly are. While the ladies get a lesson on turtles, Nico snacks on the turtle food he was supposed to throw in the pond. "Honey, it's not your snack, it's for the fish!" calls his mom.

"That's okay, Hunter's eaten dog and cat food in his lifetime; they'll all survive." reassures Beth.

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